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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  July 3, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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but morning it everybody it's 8:00 a.m. and we have a heat up in the bay area on the left are those beautiful
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skies over san francisco and on the right is the beautiful beaches. it is also as spare the air day and we will have a check of your forecast >> could morning taking a look outside lows as mostly clear conditions is gonna be another hot hot day. temperatures outsider warming up nicely 78 in antioch already. he'd advisories are going to be issued for the inland communities. temperatures along the coast are going be
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a 75 to 79 and cooler tomorrow. wind gusts up to 20 m.p.h.. getting up to 98 degrees in santa rosa today there in i hundred and three for fairfield. 100 degrees for morning. this see breeze will cooler temperatures along the coast. this is a look of your seven day forecast to date to be the hottest day of the week.
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>> it the hundred and 18 degrees in phoenix arizona. people are finding several ways to cool off. some enjoyed saturday is whether >> i'm from arizona and the weather is great today could be better one of the most beautiful days of the year so far >> i wanted to stay like this i really enjoy a one as a outside and play soccer with my friends >> it is the place to be is a call >> i wake up dexter early in when the sun is out and enjoy the >> kicking back with my boys even some sandwiches
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and joining mother nature right now >> walking up and down and the sun its been really great and walking by the sea far worse on the july 4th have been pricey because approximately $20,000 for a 20 minute show. >> this guy over the vallejo waterfront thanks to funds to donors. this local businessman deeply into his pockets to make sure the fire or show went on as usual. >> everyone is here because
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of our efforts there is a lot of pride that goes into that. >> they rallied local business owners to take donations of because they couldn't bear to see their home towns firework display not be. >> what we do now it would be very sad i wonder down to the waterfront because that's where the fireworks always are. >> they were forced to pull the plug because of budget problems during now he will be able to in july and all american light show. >> even aa all found a way to have their july 4th celebration. livermore and hercules dropped their fireworks display.
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>> this is a list of some of the neighborhoods that are going to have fireworks tomorrow. >> fire officials stress safety tips. read the directions and where i protection and do not point fireworks and other people and keep a pail of water handy. this is a list of some of those cities that also allow fireworks. >> police have already arrested more drunk drivers and this is just video from one the checkpoint from
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friday evening to a saturday morning they arrested 67 people for driving under the influence. diu irs increased stay wide. and the casey anthony a trial is due to complete today in orlando. we will be right back i tell ya, i work a long day, every day.
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right now occurred attorneys are giving a closing arguments in the casey
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anthony murder trial in orlando. jurors will hear the closing arguments and then that the judge will turn the case over to them for deliberations. prosecutors contend that she plotted to kill her daughter. under a residence in south montana because of the an oil spill. this is video that was taken yesterday in montana it was an exxon pipeline that runs underground. they are giving estimates of the amount of oil that was built.
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the price of college may even be higher coming ups we are talking to california students that will have to pay even more. also we have video of quebec where the prince and the duchess of cambridge of been on tour.
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this is video from the fillmore jazz festival yesterday this is between
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jackson and and the streets. and now we have a quick look outside what allowed breezy out there on appeal. >> a live look outside run like creek is going to be a libris the drop today already warm. hitting a high of one all three temperatures across all warming up nicely. 59 degrees in oakland right now there is a need advisory issued look starting at noon lasting until 9:00 p.m. 98
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for santa rosa 1 03 in fairfield and l.l.. 93 expected for fremont. triple digit in morgan helped and this is look of your seven day forecast we will see triple digits and some relief from the tomorrow and you conceive sunny and hot right into the your next workweek.
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>> a search is uncalled of for a seat plane that crashed into the bay. it was carrying too passionate when it crashed and sunk. coast are still monitoring the area for fuel spills. the trick detaineplane was taxiing n its crashed. parents and students are bearing the blood of the increase in tuition. cal state will increase 10 to 12%. >> the gate until a higher
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education may soon cost more the newly signed but is slashing eye hundred and $50 million to colleges. they are looking to increase that tuition 9% it is expected to go into effect this fall >> it could be a hardening >> these university of berkeley students is saying that it will be a financial burden to them. >> as to a tuition each crease it is hurting the students. >> i cannot even imagine how long going to pay off all
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these loans. >> the latest proposal is approved the graduates will have to pay an additional $12,000 per year. >> the republican field is getting crowded fat ma cotter threw his hat in the ring in his home state of michigan. he is the tens of republican to enter the race. he is considered all long-shot >> 3 your hard work and your principal devotion to the
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nation have no doubt we will restructure in the government. >> if you wanna know more about his campaign total his website. michele bachman from minnesota shows current and met romney in a dead heat >> gop candidate michele bachman chat with people as she took her bus tour through wear a state >> it is so wonderful the way back, an iowa >> the minnesota of congress one eye we wanna do very well here with the
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election coming up in august we're looking forward to >> this is less than a week when she an officially announced her candidacy. >> i was first in the nation eye accounts it is important that we come pierre >> not all candidates are participating in that poll. >> still to come on kron 4 news sports and highlights and the giants to one not a big. another look outside it golden gate bridge and look at that no fog and hardly
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any traffic that is even better will be back in just a minute
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it is either alabama's out there the giants beat the tigers 15-3 the giants have won the last nine of their games. meanwhile the diamondbacks defeated the a's. the diamondbacks
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want a four-two and in she won the first title she is only 21 years old it was big of set. this is the biggest title of her career and she is a left- handed player. still ahead on the kron 4 weekend or at take a look at the alameda county fair. it looks like it's already covered in nasos other will
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we back in just one moment
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a lot easier love this forecast is going to be what this is a live look outside of san francisco rejected on the weather >> hi is right it is gonna be very hot today a look outside the golden gate bridge lots of sunshine out there mostly clear conditions. i hated advisory will be issued later on this afternoon. temperatures are rising up '60s and '70s.
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they devise zero will be in effect from 12 noon to 9:00 p.m. you do not want a legal pad in a car and make sure you hydric yourself as well as your pets. today is definitely gonna be a beachhead. dust of wind up to 20 mi. per hour in some areas. and this is look of your july 4th holiday. little bit of cold down along the coast as a sea breeze pushed in. this is a look of your seven day forecast today will definitely be the hottest day of the week and it will
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cool off slightly for the remaining of your work week. >> sent dedicated business owners in the late l. made sure their city had fireworks display their share they had to cancel the of fireworks because of budget cuts. the skies were going to be darker over the fourth. and they have done it again this year business owners donated money for the fireworks display. >> we gonna let our blankets down and be with a crowd there is a lot of pride that goes into that >> 2009 we didn't have fireworks it was a very sad
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day now what we do? do we go to another city? >> organizers said the cost of the fireworks will be approximately $18,000. >> they're firing up the grid is with hot dogs and rocks. and a look at this massive amount of meat. >> at the alameda county fair that was traditional was taken to new heights. we're at take this hamburger the juicy red coat off and put on the bond it's gonna be one of big hamburger.
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>> to build a record-setting burden take some serious calculation >> it is gonna take at least 10 hours to o'clock and we need to look at how many condiment's where we put on the burger >> a birder 6 undercounts is not something you just slap on the road. >> an engineering program of steel and welding had to go into affect just to grow this further. >> while we got a fix this thinking >> currently the record
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holder is in canada. >> laying this independence a week and bring the the price back into the u.s.a. in a bold red white and blue. >> in southern california a scuba diver has died of the coast and happened off the coast of mission beach. they were is exploring asat in canadian explore. he started to struggle and became unconscious efforts to revive him failed. >> akkadian in china with
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miners trapped there i. also don't forget today is bear the air today with less driving. .
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it's a 39 officials in baghdad they have kidnapped and killed five or rocky police officers. the suny dominated province was the capital this was before the the u.s.-backed in the revolt. 40 miners and two civilians
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are trapped in a mine in china. water from unmourned sources went into the mind overnight. a relative of the mine's owner said that the mine is not registered. but come on kron 4 weekend. as some california marines are getting married for their own gain will have those and other stories when we return. .
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we're back and i'll look outside the mercury is rising there is haze all
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across this panorama we'll have a check of the weather >> hot is going to be the word of the state lots of sunshine out there currently san jose is sitting at 69 degrees it is going to be a high of 95 later on today and then cooling down 86 in evening. this is a look of your temperatures right now around the bay area heat advisory will be in place mostly for the inland spots. 96 for napa comfortable
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temperatures along the coast. 80s and low 90s for east bay area. lots of hot temperatures in lots of sunshine in store for us. this is a luggage your seven day forecast and it will cool off the beginning of the workweek. >> they're hosting a town hall meeting of fiat twitter. it is scheduled
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airport on wednesday in the east room. twitter users will all will be limited to launder 40 characters. 3 camp pendleton marines facing court-martial. descendant of the controversy is a lesbian couple they just said that they wanted to live as a couple of days. >> he met and started dating three years ago about six months later she wanted to live off base like a normal copper but she couldn't a
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reported. they were questioned sert best military charges were brought against her and other marines involved. there is now a conspiracy here where not trend is still from any body we just wanted to be like normal people >> they all but $75,000 back to the government. none of them have the funds to pay the government back.
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>> was it worth it for which you did? >> is beautiful to be with our everyday it's somewhat like being a normal couple. >> the marines were charged with conspiracy and giving false statements and adultery. >> they are looking at honorable discharge and our reduction in wages. >> what you wear may have more of an impact than you think. fashion is does with the conscience showed at the old fashion wear and the importance of buying clothes made in the usa. only about
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4% of the clothes are made here in the usa. >> a look at the jazz festival and the iconic way life. when we return
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music is a huge impact and has a large history the life and times of bill bram sits in lobby of the judge perry did center. bonnie simmons is a a director. and we thank them for coming parent >> howdy describe the exhibit itself? >> a ton dustoff is an excellent way to put it
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there are over 150 images placed on the walls. i enjoy watching people it in absorbable the exhibit. >> it started when he was a boy? >> yes it does it starts with him being a holocaust survivor i'll little homage to his time in new york and we concentrated heavy on his time in san francisco. >> that is an interesting marriage. the jazz heritage center is hosting this pairing >> combined all types of
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music he was a master was a producer of the rock and roll generation and also had a blues band. because he came to the fillmore because of charles sullivan charles todd a bill a great deal. he is very much a part of the history of the committee. >> we all remember the era. do on a bit younger people nobleman?
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>> we take care of that through the this is. one of our pieces of mission we want to tell the story and make sure it carries on not because it is a story of someone like stray but also for the bay area. a lot of people were touched by bill and learn from him there is no reason for him or asta bring it to other people.
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>> there are a lot a fabulous posters during that era. >> this is right in the middle of the jazz festival. what is today question >> martin shelby will be there the menu of music is world music as well as jazz come have a great time and have lots of fun barracks >> this is the bed and is on the 17th. it is not going to
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run until august the 14th you cannot look for these websites to get more information barr. we thank you for coming and we'll be right back
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we're back it is now 9:00
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a.m. with this breaking news it is not outside. live look outside live from the mount tam cam and remember it the clear air day. we jet in on the weather >> we're taking all live look outside lots of sunshine down somewha town. temperatures of outsider warming up very nicely 72 n. taliban 62 in san francisco there is i need advisory going to be issued starting
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at noon through 9:00 p.m. if you and i had to the coast and seek some relief at the beach you have a great day. it is also going to be a bit breezy later on this afternoon whoppe. 81 for downt's santa rosa 90 along the peninsula one of two antioch and morgan hill hearing this is a look of your seven day forecast lots of sunshine and today will be the hottest day of the week. we'll be going back
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down to the '90s starting tomorrow. we will see the sunshine right into your work week. we expected to be a water across the bay area and we look for people is trying to stay cool ground the bay area. >> absolutely beautiful on from arizona and the weather is great today could be great >> one of the most beautiful days of the year so far >> i really enjoy i wanted to stay like this island as a outside and wannabe inside, and plays soccer with my friends >> it's great to stay cool >> i wake up dexter early when the sun enjoy the sun. >> taking back with my boy
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is eaten some sandwiches and enjoying mother nature. >> walking up and down and the sun we stop for lunch is been really really great and walking by the sea >> other people are waiting to would mar the fireworks. it costs about $20,000 to put on a 20 minute show. the condition will continue in vallejo thanks to donations from businessmen. they lighted the spark so the city would not be dark >> thanks to funds for by private donors leonel of all fireworks display >> he reached into his own pocket is to make sure that
9:04 am
the show would go on. >> everyone is here because of our effort and there's a lot of pride to go along with apps. >> they rallied bit local business owners for donations because they could not believe their own town would not have fireworks. >> it was a very sad day what we wanted to we always went along the waterfront >> this city of new-line hull had been paying before the fireworks but due to budget cuts they suspended at activity but thanks to the business owners the skies will be lit up. >> other bay area cities
9:05 am
have been forced to cut july 4th celebration because of budget cuts. here are some of the cities that will be having fireworks displays. fire officials recommend you use safety tips where it safety glasses and do not point fireworks at other people and be sure eddy have a bell water handy. and make sure they did fireworks were up to code. this is a list of some of the cities that are allowing safe and sane fireworks. >> police have already arrested more drunk drivers
9:06 am
this year than they have lasted a year. this is video from last night from friday evening till saturday morning they arrested 67 people driving under the influence it's dan more than last year. the checkpoints have increased a wide. >> i shooting in san francisco last nine details coming up and the sea plane that crashed into the waters. hot already and a summer that he aztec's already ups
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two men were shot in the tenderloin district at ellis and jones street one was
9:10 am
shot in multiple times in the upper body and a 78 year-old bystander was shot in the fall they did arrest the suspect at the same. news and details on that seaplane crashed crews will try to lift the plane from the water it was carrying two passengers when it crashed other the people were rescued by good samaritans the coast guard is still monitoring the plane because of a possible fuel spill. that plane was taxiing when it crashed. this is video from the fillmore jazz festival last day of the event is today it will be starting in about 50
9:11 am
minutes you begin all the fun between jackson and eddy street. hot weather continues across the bay area with a live look outside temperatures expected to be a nine 90s.
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this just bought a vehicle want the women then matched. the victory of word yog. not evy to play tennis in is really hot out there. a look of sampras's to one year left and the beaches on the
9:15 am
right. it is also spare the air day a complete check of the forecast. >> into be hotter today that was yesterday and this is look at mt. tam cam even see clear skies around 72 in napa hitting an afternoon high of 96. 78 in santa rosa lows '70s are along the peninsula 82 in antioch right now. this is look of the temperature differences compared to yesterday 10 in mountain view it will be a hot day you define what is a
9:16 am
handsome air conditioning and also won a stay hydrated triple digits for sonoma pleasant temperatures along the coast. inland spots around be really not. and this is a look of your seven day forecast today will be all hottest day of the week we will see that sunshine gold come into next week.
9:17 am
>> california budget problems are taking its toll on college students. students and their parents are bearing the blood of a higher tuitions some students are dropping output and others put in their education on hold it will increase 10 to 15%. >> the gate of higher education will cost more whole lot more. that's because the newly signed budget has cut our hundred and $50 million from the budget. border regions will meet in a couple of weeks and increase it another 9.6% it will come on top of
9:18 am
already approved a percent increase. >> and it definitely could have more lonesome i had expected. >> berkeley students are saying that they're putting too much of financial burden on them. >> it is a shame that is because is being turned over to the students. >> i have no idea how i'm going to pay off all of these loans. >> it the latest proposal is approved the undergraduate wets will pay an additional $12,000 per year it is three times what the students paid a decade ago. >> one of the closely watched murder trials has hit at a critical new phase.
9:19 am
>> for the anthony family deep pain for all to seeing casey support mothers cindy her father and george. her brotherly and casey herself at times of an able to control her emotions the case it became a national sensation her mother casey partied unconcerned from month until her own mother called police alerting them to a possible bid dead body in america are. a seat said that she a had left her daughter with a nanny that it turned out did not exist.
9:20 am
>> cayley's at death let casey lived the good life. >> they are saying did she dropped her daughter with chloroform and put that tape on her body. >> case it was raised to lie this child eddy years old learn how to lie a middlinge. >> the defense said that she
9:21 am
was told to lie and cover- up the death of her daughter people fought for seats in the court room it had experts on decomposition and even a woman claiming to be george's mistress over a hundred witnesses the only ones not heard from was casey anthony herself. >> you have discussed this with your attorney the press and cons. >> yes >> has anyone put pressure to come to a decision? >> >> know i will not testify.
9:22 am
>> this is a video of billings montana or an oil spill went into the river. exxon has underground pipelines and evidently one broke. hundreds of people were sworn in as u.s. citizens a lot of them are not old sworn in as u.s. citizens a lot of them are not old enough to vote. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once
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from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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a group of children and that became a u.s. citizens.
9:26 am
>> they are truly children of the world dozens of children that but there's a ticket of citizenship from thailand candid of taiwan's. this historic old school house will in sacramento was the same. >> is getting his citizenship and it is a great day we look did it as a start of a bright future. >> this citizenships there is one of three modern 50 coast to coast and about overseas. >> she was born canadian and now she will be a naturalized american
9:27 am
citizen. >> better benefits and be able to travel with a passport and will be able to go. >> they made it memorable for both of families and the kids. they rolled out the welcome wagon. >> thousands of people across the nation gained citizenship. >> we are on moral couples watch the couple be coming to california and visit the bay area a live look outside. a little better traffic other on the bay bridge
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it is now 9:30 a.m. although it is not record the heat it will be a hot one today in some places it will exceed hundred degrees know fog out there but nice and blue skies. more on the weather >> a live look outside the san mateo bridge lots of sunshine out there no fog mostly clear skies it is going to be hot there will be aided by a three issued
9:31 am
later on starting at noon told 9:00 p.m.. mid-70s then lost quotas right now
9:32 am
damages are big really not today 90s along the peninsula travel did not digits' inland. and a look of your independence day forecast a little bit cooler along the coast. >> dedicated business owners in vallejo make sure their city had fireworks the city had a stop having fireworks display because of budget cuts during the skies were darkened 2009 but business owners to stepped up and donated the money to put on the showed.
9:33 am
>> it is a great source of pride which is godown nearly are blended sound and said all in with a crowd. there is a lot of pride it goes without >> it was a very sad day what we do now, we go to another city?. >> godown the waterfront you well it will cost approximately $18,000. >> everyone is out with their grill and won the place is going for a record for the world's largest hamburger. >> burgers on the grill is a for the july is tablespoon this tradition was taken to
9:34 am
new heights. >> we're and take this hamburger and make it into a big daddy put on a bun and had the trimmings in a b-1 big amber. it takes some serious calculation we have calculated how much of the meat will cut down, is the condiments would be that we put on is a mathematical adventure. in order to get to the level of this side chopper is a very large a venture constructing the grill because liggett over
9:35 am
will take something larger than just a spatula. >> currently directed holder is in canada of layup. >> hopefully we can bring the prize back with google usa and a red white and blue. >> at the alameda county fair. >> rain delay detroit would not stop to the power of the giants have five run first inning and the rain lasted to half-hour's they won 15-
9:36 am
3. >> backpack i had a comedy steven cole bear.
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9:39 am
rally and has organized same-sex unions it gives them tax breaks and health care benefits. despite strong opposition in rhode island is the fifth state to
9:40 am
recognize so unions. >> main lobby is a fake news man ahead of the 2012 election comedian steven cole bear is making fun of the political elections. >> i am sorry to say we want >> in character as always and stephen go bare talks about campaign finance. be able to raise and spend money on ads for the 2012 campaign. well-defined that corporations can spend whatever they want on campaign funds.
9:41 am
>> at all but you i did not accept the status call but i'd do is accept visa, mastercard, and american express. >> that's true american right there >> that means the american use unlimited money for is apps. if the ads run during his shelduck auber report. if they run outside of the network they do have to report that. >> supertax are here to stay it will have a big impact on 2012 election it
9:42 am
is showing a sign the influence supertax have. >> a standard package in their graves and a limited amount of money for campaign ads. what is co-parented do with this attack he hasn't said anything about the content. he said he would jokingly use the money to determine the winner. >> a look outside the whether it is low and it is
9:43 am
hot more in the letter only combat yñsñkékékióç]s]s
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we're back at 9:46 a.m. this is look at the mt. tam cam on the left. they heat haze has already settled in. we will check with the weather she will tell you where you do not want to be today. >> is gonna be verified currently is 77 degrees at any conceive the sunshine outseoutside. currently 77 degrees in wall my creek and we expected to go up to 1 03 later on today there is
9:47 am
a heat adviser there will be issued starting at noon and ending at 9:00 p.m. breast out those parasols and stay in the shade or in air- conditioning pleasant conditions for the beapage. beach. i'll look it your seven day forecast today
9:48 am
will be the hottest and all little bit of relief tomorrow it will cool down just little we will see that sunshine right always thru the weaknesses >> and world news officials in baghdad said a man a disguised as police kidnapped and killed five iraqi officers. in 7 child at cave and a flood have trapped miners for the past couple of days a buildup of volatile gases have limited the rescue attempt. water from an
9:49 am
unknown source continues to flow into the mine even though pumping has continued. china's mining is the deadliest throughout the world. >> the final flight of atlantis will take off on friday and i'll look backward at our history in ordeorcutt >> d. space probes and astronauts of ventured out on untethered to capture an droid tree fell satellites pics dangers feeds unheard of before the shuttle. the
9:50 am
great observatories told the images of the universe and watching galaxies born before the it a time. hubbell was launched prepared and settled every foot of the football longer space station was taken up in pieces the capabilities that have been developed door for what was done we can build spacecraft we in billposters but there is no gold now mission we are
9:51 am
wondering in the desert is based today. so why now? why call it quits? the program have caused the american taxpayers otter and $15 billion half still the problem is money >> is not enough money and nassau to continue. >> was a time? >> it has been time for some time to phase out shuttle launches and go back into exploration >> the united it or hailed it was still worth it the
9:52 am
shuttle was an iconic flying machine it was american inspiration and engineering. >> making catch a movie to get out of the e. another look outside not very much traffic out there and never get today is spare the air day you're urge to take public transportation today
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. if movie tickets are little depressing you can't get your favorite flics with of a fraction of the cost >> this before it gets the rest of the country it marks a three you're smart
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love affair and instead going to one of the machine chaos enter the code in a printer lot of ticket it is for newly released movies at the movie theater pillar restriction one movie per day and you cannot see the same movie twice in you cannot transfer the ticket to another person. that is the kron 4 morning news for this weekend and we'll leave you with this live look at a warm morro and abortion d.c. stay safe and have a good day and don't forget to wear the sun
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screen as it is hot out barracks
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